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I talk with Trevor Prentice about taking notes at the bar, and other places. We discuss Rhodia, Field Notes Brand, and Hit List notebooks for drink logs, art reviews, and dream journals, as well as Trevor’s home-brewed recordkeeping system of spreadsheets, web apps and the cloud, and secrets. download · feed

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Stopped by Duchess today and I’m feeling really good about this new made-in-France spatula.

Stopped by Duchess today and I’m feeling really good about this new made-in-France spatula.


Future Islands - Lighthouse (with blistering eye contact)

I’d like to become more like this guy.

Unboxing my new microphone

Spring equinox.

Spring equinox.


I love comments.


trying to get a word in before it’s too late (it’s already too late?)


re normcore (already the most embarrassing word of 2k14, maybe more embarrassing than ‘selfie’), k-hole, youth mode, that nymag op-ed, and the proliferation of articles written in response (like this one by cat smith)


youth mode channels or at least attempts to channel the writing of tiqqun bernadette corporation et al. this is no secret. i’m not sure whether this approach is entirely successful; in theory, it affords importance to describing + hypothesizing a contemporary moment over actually advocating any particular stance. it recognizes the futility of feigned objectivity, the trap of framing one’s activity as radical when any aberrant gesture is bound to be recuperated and stripped of meaning. from my understanding, normcore cannot be posited as a solution to youth mode, since it is predicated on the notion that oppositional tactics are self-defeating and futile. revolutionary turns into counter-revolutionary and back into revolutionary again in an endless cycle that grasps for an ever-diminishing and irrelevant sense of ‘difference’ i see normcore as a necessarily ambivalent response to the perceived failure of identity politics. something like that. i do wonder whether the writers behind k-hole end up contradicting themselves, or rather, whether their use of self-contradiction as rhetorical device had the effect they hoped it would. re cat smith, she is right to point out that those whose bodies are visibly and irreversibly marked as ‘different’ are precluded from participating in the first place. like, when i’m chubby (which i always am) and wearing activewear in public, will people perceive this as a conscious fashion choice on my part (also: do i care?) another question: if the impossibility of attaining neutrality, blankness, normality is one of its main tenets, what is the relationship of normcore to critique by inhabitation? it’s misguided to praise or deride normcore as a solution to anything. it’s just a reaction to something we don’t know how to solve…a reaction to the limits of discourse, political commitment, in between-ness as radical gesture.

you could write an academic paper on lil b, but you’d probably be better off not writing it. i think normcore has something to do with this.

yes this

We love this city, but we built our art gallery in the wrong part of town. Edmonton’s Art District is the worst place on this planet to open an art gallery. For the sake of our own safety and sanity, we are considering moving. Please tell us of any other locations in this city that are friendly to art, we need a new home.

I guess the well-meaning folks of ISBE didn’t imagine that saying stuff like this would make people think that they are really pretentious.

Anyway aside from their really questionable name + look at that art and how it is hung in those pictures amirite, this petulance is apparently over them not being able to get a license after they already opened and no knowing how/being willing to run a membership-based licensed space for single-use liquor licences, like the artery did next door when they started (not that this status quo is the best of all possible worlds though—it kinda sucks). Just thought I’d fill you in.


Jeremy Deller – English Magic

Ok I know that Deller’s politics can seem kind of thin sometimes (even though i think i get his range rover thing it’s still a little feeble) but there are some nice things in this.